Signs and Wonders… of the stupid (it hurts)

God it seems, has found time in Her busy schedule to kill a bunch of birds because of the US military is now going to allow openly gay people to kill foreigners at the behest of its political elite. (This I learn from the wonderful blag hag).

One of the comments below the post deserves quoting…

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. I think I have a more complimentary belief regarding God. I believe that God doesn’t exist. This woman believes that God is a petty little prick with the self control of a two year old and even less communication ability.

Meanwhile, She has also decided to drown some kids in Queensland, during the floods in Toowoomba. (Are the Queensland floods the result of Kevin Rudd speaking against Israel?) The entirely rational reason? Kevin Rudd has – according to the people behind this ‘hypothesis’ (falsifiable? not so much*) – said some disparaging things about Israel. Except he didn’t. Actually, he makes sick “jokes“.

*Last year when some nutjob in Iran ascribed an earthquake to women dressing immodestly, we all had a laugh at the pre-Enlightenment saddoes. The aforementioned blaghag however, decided to Test the Hypothesis, and came up with “Boobquake.”


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