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Old Testament/New Testament – spot the difference

Not that I have actually read the New Testament yet…   Advertisements

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Cartoons to be struck by lightning for…

OK, so there’s a slender chance the scribblings I put down about the Old Testament will see the light of day some day.  In the meantime, some fun – and extremely blasphemous – cartoons. and

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Picking and choosing, choosing and picking…

Hot damn. I finished the Old Testament.  All it took was a very very long train journey (like, from Beijing to Moscow).  And I kept notes of what was worth blogging (Not. That. Much).  And it will drib and drab … Continue reading

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Forged – Writing in the Name of God etc

Bart Ehrman is used to it. The University of North Carolina religious studies professor stoked evangelical ire with his previous bestsellers The Lost Gospel of Judas Iscariot: A New Look at Betrayer and Betrayed  and Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind … Continue reading

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Solomon cometh and goeth: 1 Kings 1 to 11

David snuffs it, despite being wrapped in virgins. Solomon creates his own little Treadstone of wetwork before he becomes king and – * almost does conjoined infant surgery * builds a gaudy temple and a gaudy palace * gets in … Continue reading

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Absolom absolutely dead, Joab berates David and God changes his mind: 2 Samuel 17 to 24

Loads of people die, including Absolom. Joab does some upward management, since his boss is a bit clueless… In which Joab gets given head by a wise woman. 2 Samuel 17 Ahithophel offers to do a surgical strike on David … Continue reading

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Rape, murder, treason; another normal kinda OT day: 2 Samuel 9 to 16

So, David shags Bath-sheba, sends off her husband (Uriah) to die. God is pissed off.  Amnon rapes his cousin, Tamar and gets killed by Absolom, who goes rogue. 2 Samuel 9 David tracks down Jonathan’s lame son, who throws himself … Continue reading

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