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Rules rules rules, and a dead Moses: Deuteronomy 24 to 34

More rules of course. Fire and brimstone and Moses eventually is shuffled off this mortal coil. Deuteronomy is done!!! Deuteronomy 24 No need to go to Reno for a quickie divorce…. Verse 1: When a man hath taken a wife, … Continue reading

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Kill the trannies, adulterers, and rape the POWs: Deuteronomy 11 to 23

God’s sanctioned way with dealing with a good lookin’ female Prisoner of War- kidnap her, cut her hair off and nails (she might scratch!) Give her a month to get over your murder of her folks. Rape her. Seemed like … Continue reading

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God’s self-knowledge, and recaps: Deuteronomy 1 to 10

In which Moses begins to repeat himself (he is about 120, after all) and this psycho Bearded Sky God is showing glimmerings of self-knowledge; admitting he has jealousy and anger issues. But does nothing about them… (see Deuteronomy 6) Deuteronomy … Continue reading

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