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Old Testament/New Testament – spot the difference

Not that I have actually read the New Testament yet…   Advertisements

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Cartoons to be struck by lightning for…

OK, so there’s a slender chance the scribblings I put down about the Old Testament will see the light of day some day.  In the meantime, some fun – and extremely blasphemous – cartoons. and

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Picking and choosing, choosing and picking…

Hot damn. I finished the Old Testament.  All it took was a very very long train journey (like, from Beijing to Moscow).  And I kept notes of what was worth blogging (Not. That. Much).  And it will drib and drab … Continue reading

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Humour: God almost forgot to kill Dave Elfman…

From the Onion God Almost Forgot To Kill Dave Elfman Of Boulder, CO Today January 26, 2011 | ISSUE 47•04 BOULDER, CO—After a long day of hearing the prayers of His followers and controlling the seas and skies, God confirmed … Continue reading

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Joshua starts tomorrow. Space monkeys for now

Have had a bit of a break from the smiting and begatting. Am bingeing on the truly fabulous cartoons of Zach Weiner. Here’s one he made earlier…

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Onion: Bible Study Group Preparing For Bible Aptitude Test

This from the Onion January 12, 2011 | ISSUE 47•02 ALBANY, GA—A local Bible study group led by 18-year-old Elna Parker has begun meeting more frequently and taking regular practice exams in preparation for the upcoming high-pressure Bible Aptitude Test. … Continue reading

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Signs and Wonders… of the stupid (it hurts)

God it seems, has found time in Her busy schedule to kill a bunch of birds because of the US military is now going to allow openly gay people to kill foreigners at the behest of its political elite. (This … Continue reading

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