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A Mosaic of murder, invasion, slavery and incest: Numbers 31 to 36

In which Moses commands murder of men, children and non-virgins. And then enforces incest. No, really. Numbers 31 God tells Moses He wants him for One Last Job Verse 2 Avenge the children of Israel of the Midianites: afterward shalt … Continue reading

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Cooking instructions, Moses nears The End: Numbers 23 to 30

Lots of cooking instructions, and Moses gets told his Time is Almost Up. A small dose of blatant patriarchy at the end. No change there then… Numbers 23 Balaam gets seven altars for seven oxen and seven brides built. God … Continue reading

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Moses fired, God talking out an ass: Numbers 15 to 22

Moses makes a faux pas – no Promised Land for him… And later, an angel talks out of his ass… Numbers 15 God tells Moses to tell the children of Israel that he wants to dip his beak. Verse 4-6 … Continue reading

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Nutjob God smites His own: Numbers 7 to 14

In which God listens to people’s complaints, makes out to be nice and then poisons and smites them all (no, really, check out the end of chapter 11). Numbers 7 And now everything is done with the tabernacle and along … Continue reading

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Let us count the ways: Numbers 1 to 6

Oh, this is going to be tedious. Best to try and crack on through at 6 or 7 chapters a day… Numbers 1 Yahweh wants a census (Isn’t this a little censlus, given He is omniscient?). Verse 2 Take ye … Continue reading

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