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Exodus 32-40: more bloodshed, more gold

OK, I’m even further behind now. Blame the evil three legged cat (I’m sure there must be something in this fat book about casting weird little yowly three-legged things like that out into the wilderness). He killed Marc’s computer monitor … Continue reading

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Exodus 13-16: Red Sea and white fluffy food

Having fled slavery in Egypt, the Israelites receive various new orders from God, generally via Moses. Many of those in chapter 13 seem to confirm the patriarchal nature of this religious regime, demanding initially that the firstborn – “whatsoever openeth … Continue reading

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Genesis 7-21: women get a raw deal

Yes, I know this may be a bit of a recurring theme, but it does stand out quite remarkably here. Perhaps because I’ve been slacking a bit so I’m having to have a catch-up session, reading 3 days’ worth of … Continue reading

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Genesis 1-4: in the beginning

Was… not the Word. This is the first thing that’s struck me reading these key first chapters – because there are so many versions and some of the phrasing is so magnificent, bits you’ve heard quoted elsewhere stick in your … Continue reading

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