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Exodus 35 to 37: Te Deum or tedium?

Exodus 35 Moses calls a meeting and passes on the Lord’s commands… … sabbath … kindle no fires on t’sabbath And Moses creates one of those present lists you do when you’re getting hitched, only this time it’s for the … Continue reading

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Genesis 5-6: the prelude to the soggy bit

One of the many hideous memories I have of the long and painful years I spent at Old Palace School for Girls in Croydon is of a production one of the dance classes put on, including the song The Animals … Continue reading

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Genesis 1 to 4- "stop me if you’ve read this one before"

Well, this is familiar. The story I’ve had drilled into me at various (sort of religious) prep schools and via paintings and myths and all the rest of it. It is the “Christian” creation mythology. Garden of Eden, serpents, fruit … Continue reading

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